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Weightlifting Internship - Inclusive

$3,995Purchase required to enroll
Why take a seminar for a day when you can live it for a week!

During this internship you will eat, sleep and train like a professional athlete preparing for competition in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

From the time you land in Las Vegas, you will have no worries. You will be picked up at the airport and from that point forward your housing, meals, supplements, transportation to and from the gym are part of the package.
The facility usage with new Eleiko equipment at the new ABG, training alongside our competitive team with daily coaching by head coach, John Broz, are also included.

You will train twice a day, take naps, eat healthy, sleep well and lift big.

You will have no worries or concerns outside of the gym; everything is taken care of.

When you are not lifting, topics of discussion will include

  • how to prepare for a competition
  • scheduling workouts
  • choosing exercises and routines
  • dietary and nutritional consultation
  • assistance in exercises specific for your unique needs

During your stay you will have time to ask questions, take notes and really learn what its like to train hard without the life distractions that most people have.

Novice lifters will find this experience very helpful as it accelerates their learning curve.
Intermediate lifters will learn techniques and exercises that will take them to the next level.
Advanced lifters will find a very competitive environment without any distractions and quality coaching to break through sticking points in their training.

There are athletes who train hard, but most do not. This course is designed to enlighten people to what they are truly capable of accomplishing while experiencing the lifestyle of a pro athlete.

Cancellation policy Cancellation after booking is not refundable; if you cannot attend, you can only reschedule into a future available spot. Please email or call with any questions or concerns prior to booking. Flights are not included.
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